SEO : Search Engine Optimization

Imagine you have great looking website which has awesome features and great functionalities and you might be wondering why Google is not ranking your site higher than other related websites which doesn’t have cool features like your site does. Google rank your site based on following criterias.
Search engine optimization for your website to rank higher in Google SERP

  • Thorough keyword research should be done before writing the content. And the keyword that you choose should be relevant to you site as well as should have a good search popularity.
  • Even though Meta tags won’t affect your SEO much, still tags like meta description will still have a good effect on SEO.
  • The quality of the content that you write in the site. This is the most important thing since the release of panda and penguin algorithms.
  • Speed at which site loads. You can check the page load speed of your website using different websites speed tool like,
  • Domain and Page authority of your site and pages. i.e; How relevant is your site content for the particular service that you’re providing and also how relevant is your individual pages in the website are for the service provided. Moz extension for chrome is amazing for displaying DA and PA for every page you visit.
  • Technical SEO also plays an important role. Alt tags for images should have meaningful description about the image its related to, canonicalization should be implemented if same website page is referred by using different URL’s. AMP pages are fast and you can transform your HTML into AMP pages by Google’s AMP code generators, learn more about AMP. Visit site and learn about structured data.
  • List your business in many websites in your region. This can be very beneficial because, if people doesn’t know about you and the company you run, they can search company in such business listing sites and if your company has a decent profile there is a good chance that they would visit your website and strike conversation with you for the service you provide. Listing business basically falls under backlink generation which is explained in the next point.
  • Once you have a solid content and a cool features in your site it’s time for you to start creating back links for your site so that Google ranks your site higher in SERP. But these back links pointing to your site must be from a relevant site with a domain authority less than your site. Creating back links can become extremely difficult for beginners who just started the process of SEO for their website. But gradually with a lot of good effort you will finally be able to see the difference. The back link created should be looking natural, it means you should not stuff keywords in the Anchor text of the link, it is okay even if the link doesn’t have any keywords but have relevance in that site. There are different ways to create these back links. They are guest blogging, broken links method, write blogs in relevant sites. Ultimately if you have a good content and features in your site people will definitely refer your site for the service it provides.

Step by Step procedure for SEO


Art of optimizing your site for search engines are not easy and it takes a lot of time and if done incorrectly browsers can penalize your site and remove it from the search results. So get your basics right and start experimenting with SEO. There are great tools available in the market now  and it’s not very difficult to achieve ultimate goal of every company owner to attract customers towards  your product/service.

Keep optimizing, Cheers 🙂



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